Alba Rojo: My Experience in LaborESO

I started LaborESO on Monday 25th February and I finished it on Friday 8th March. I went to a radio called Teiba FM, at 101.4. The radio’s boss name is Claudio, but my tutor’s name was Pelayo. There, I had some colleagues: Javi, Sheila, Juan and Felipe. Before starting Labor eso, I thought that I wouldn’t do a lot of things, but I was completely wrong. My tutor told me that I would be able to do things like investigating, writing some things or talking on the radio. I talked about things like future events in Santander or announcements of places like restaurants. I participated in one or two meetings. The last one was on my last day, and I talked with my partner Sheila and some other people about women and feminism, because it was the 8th March. And I
said a few times the news about local sports like football or handball.

Furthermore, I worked twice with Javi, controlling the mics and things like that. Actually, I did a few more things, but I am not sure about how to describe them in English.

In general, I am so happy and satisfied about my time at the radio, my colleagues were all so nice to me and I learned a lot of different things.