Eva Espeso: My Experience in LaborESO

Our school prepared working experience in our dreamed job. My school believed that this would help us to decide our future. I joined in Special Education School of Parayas.

On my first day, I was too nervous and when I entered the school, Maria, the head teacher, introduced me to my teacher, Ana Rosa, she was all the working experience with me. I spent my first day learning the  children’s names and making Carnival costumes.

On Tuesday, we continued making our Carnival costumes. My teacher went to the swimming pool, so I stayed with another teacher called Maria. All her children were autistic.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Carnival, we were disguised of `La Vijanera’ a typical celebration in Cantabria. We danced, sang and laughed a lot. We paraded all together and it was so fun!!!

I spent my second week at school too. I had holidays from Thursday to Monday. On Tuesday, my teacher went again to the swimming pool and we tidied all the Carnival mess. On Wednesday, I went to the stimulation room with Merche, the PE teacher. The room is to stimulate the most affected children. We had 3 children, Valeria, Izan and Pablo, they were so nice and I loved that room. There were many beds, lights, balls and pool with balls.

On Thursday, I went to the gym and we did a lot of games and sport, of course. That day I stayed at the cantine and I helped them to eat. The food was really good and tasty. Later, they did games with teachers that came from outside.

Friday was my last day. Ana Rosa let me to do the assembly and the notebooks of the children. We did some puzzles and later, we went to a theatre of Women’s Day, that was
really beautiful.

Later, I said goodbye sadly to all the teachers and the head teacher, and they said to me “Come back whenever you want, you’re welcome”. I will miss the children a lot and in June I will go to see them.

I’m so grateful for this experience, which has helped me to be more confident that I want to
be a special education teacher.