Eduardo Coterón: One round, two games, our greatest joy!!

Real Racing de Santander, managed to be first of the Group II in the category of Second Division B of Spain. In the Play-Offs, it faced the champion of Group III, Atlético Baleares. A great team, with very good defense, and with a regular attack.
In El Sardinero, the score was 0-0. It was a good game, totally dominated by Racing Santander, but the locals couldn’t against the Balearic wall, who locked themselves behind and dedicated themselves to hitting balls up and clearing the ball. This day, there was record of fans in the season, with 21,000 fans approximately.
In Son Malferit, which is the stadium of Atlético Baleares, the game was even more intense due to the small size of the stadium. The match was very tight. In the 30th minute, Óscar Gil knocked down Nuha in the area, and, the captain of the Baleares hit the penalty, which put the 1-0 on the scoreboard. In the second half, more exactly in the 66th minute, after a corner play, Enzo Lombardo put the ball out of the area for Aitor Buñuel to make a good shot to the right side of the goalkeeper, where he couldn’t reach the ball. Thus, Racing scored a goal, and the score went up to 1-1. This result gave the promotion to Real Racing de Santander. The match after the goal, was a heart attack, chances for both teams. The clearest came in the 93rd minute of the discount for the Atlético Baleares, where a Balearic player, volley shot up the goal of Ivan Crespo. The game finished with 1-1 and Real Racing de Santander promoted to the Second Division of Spain.