Lucía Echevarría: My Experience in LaborESO

I chose to work as a nursing assistant in a nursing house. I had to work in “Fundación Residencia San Pedro”, it was close to my house so I had no problems getting there.

The first day they showed me the place and how they work on it. That day I worked on the second floor, where more dependent grandparents are.

The rest of the week I was on the first floor.

First thing in the morning, I was shown how they cleaned and dressed them, then we accompanied them to have breakfast.

It depends on the day, they do different activities, like therapy with music, cooking or reading
the newspaper all together.

After eating, I saw how they were taken to the bathroom and I accompanied the grandparents for a while after that.

I loved this experience and it has helped me a lot to know what I want to do in the future.